Christmas Light Installer University eBook + Bonus Package with a Member Site and Video Training Series.

How to Get Started Hanging Lights for Money

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Here's What I Got

In this Course I have Spilled the Beans

on my 6 years of Christmas Light Installation

  • In my 1st year I made $30,000 while putting together a great business plan
  • Now, 6 years later, I have developed many systems, trained 700 companies, and built a great Christmas Light Installation Business in the Dallas Metro area.
  • Many of our All Star Students, in their first year have reported earning as much as $60k.  Not saying you will make that kind of money but in the Christmas Light Installation Industry, it is possible. 
  • All this can be done with a 3 man crew. You don't even have to buy a bunch of tools or supplies to get started.


Everyone, would have you think that you should be broke in the off season of your primary job.  That is a bunch of bull.  After finding the untapped revenue in this industry I can tell you that not only will the revenue generated in 30 days sustain your off season income, it will also surpass your 11 month paycheck if you do it right.
Is it painful to start a new business? It could be if you don't have the proper training.  But through our program you get a 6 year headstart.  Why figure it out on your own when we have built a great system for you.

Don't let everyone tell you to go get a job that you will hate and have to quit as soon as your business is back in it's profit season. When you let this system work for you, you will be building a new business that you can own yourself and be your own boss.

Aren't you tired of the lame ebook training that you see on the web.  Well don't let the marketing guys out there with no experience fool you.  We have a proven method to get you up and running with minimal time.  Also we know that video is a much better way to learn for some guys.  So we wanted to give you the best chance for success with something special.

We Spill the Beans on Christmas Light Installation



"It rocked Tanner! I can't wait till next season! We learned the ropes, made new friends, made new contacts and learned a new business. And YOU played a big part, giving us lots of advice along the way. Thanks a million! Merry Christmas to you and your family."

- Dorrie Giroux

"Tanner's Program worked so well, I ran out of lights twice!! Really, I think this business training is the best I have done so far. I was able to turn 62% of my leads into sales because of the training I received. Take the training. If you don't, someone else will. Best November I have had since 2007."

- Martin Blum

"With the help from Tanner and the Christmas Light Installer University, I was able to start my own business, have instant internet presence and marketing, and begin getting leads for customers overnight. With the training and information from the Christmas Installer University Webinars, I was able to effectively give estimates and seal the deal on multiple jobs within a short period of time my first year. I can't wait until next year's training videos to see what Tanner comes up with to help take all of our businesses to the next level. Great job Tanner and crew and Keep up the hard work!!!"

- Michael Vincz


Tanner Maxson

When I finished serving in the Air Force I hit the ground running. I thank God every day for the determination I had at that time. I quickly learned that you can charge forward and figure it out along the way. This is better than waiting until you are an expert to get started. In the military we call this OJT or On The Job Training. Now there were some lessons learned that did slow my income. I should have made $60,000 but I was very happy to grab $30,000.

I did all of this without a bucket truck. I didn’t have to buy a whole bunch of tools. I didn’t stock my shelves with tons of lights. I learned that after my first hour on a roof, I felt comfortable and fear subsided. I learned a fail proof way to get new customers and seal more deals. I formulated a bidding procedure that anyone can do with 5 minutes of training. And over the course of the next 6 years, I have added many systems and procedures to make hanging Christmas lights a breeze.

I include an in depth study of the

13 Things I wish I knew on DAY ONE

  • Equipment List
  • Electrical Calculations
  • Hanging Roof Lights
  • Tree Wrapping
  • Wreaths and Garland
  • Removal
  • Storage
  • Bidding / Giving Estimates
  • Salesmanship & Upselling
  • Light Installation Guarantee
  • Hot Glue: When to Use it and When it Will Destroy a House
  • Lighting Tips
  • Getting Leads

That is all Fine and Dandy.  But How Will This Help You?  This Will Help...


1. Pay your bills through the winter

2. Retain your valuable Seasonal Employees

3. Provide added services to your existing clients

4. Monetarily Supplementing your Seasonal Business

  • Training Manual

    Hiring New Employees can be frustrating.  Now when you hire a new guy, simply have him read the manual before reporting for duty. Now you have a recruit that has a clue on day one.

  • Community

    Get 12 months access to the Community of other installers in our private forum. In this private community you will be able to ask questions and get answers from many skilled and experienced members.

  • Access

    Have opportunity to access all the information in the Christmas Light Installer Community before everyone else.  As new products and services are made available, you will be first to know.





 "When You Download this Guide today, you will be joining our team. This is not just a training manual.  You are investing in a process to build your team.  We work together

to build strong business."

- Tanner Maxson



   When you take the step to Invest in yourself today,  I am going  to do something crazy and reward you in a big way.                                                                                                                


  • Bonus 1 : Free University Video Series    ( $997 value ) 

In this 4 video series totaling nearly 2 hours of training we spill the beans on Installation.  

Bidding, Installing, Storage, and much more.

  • Bonus 2 : Professional Graphic Marketing Brochure Designs ($347 value)

We hired a professional graphic artist to put these brochures together for our sales staff. 

Just insert your logo and info on here and get started.

  • Bonus 3 : Our Professional Estimate/Bidding Form      ($57 value)  

Instant Downloadable Bonus!! 

Just Add Your Business Info to the Estimate Form.

  • Bonus 4 : Christmas Sales Technique Video Session   ($250 value)

Josh Kid rips apart Sales Psychology to its most simplest form.

Don't feel out gunned ever again when going after the big jobs with this in your arsenal !!

  • Bonus 5 :  2 Video Interviews With 2 Top Installers      ($257 value)

  I sit down with Two Great Installers and cook up some mean discussion about

How They Earn 6 Figures in 30 Days